updated 6-11-07

Paleorocks is dedicated to exploring the history of the first Americans and offering legally obtained authentic relics celebrating their existence for your wonder and imagination.  We concentrate on items that the Paleo American might have carried in his tool kit such as uniface blades, awls, blade cores, adzes and other items they would have used in daily living.  Paleorocks guarantees authenticity and allows a standard AACA evaluation period for all artifacts sold.  An optional PALEOROCKS Certificate of Authenticity is also available with each artifact sale. Any artifacts sold are guaranteed to paper from any of the major evaluators like Jackson.

We also have high grade lithic materials obtained from the original Paleo quarries for those of you who enjoy knapping.   I have found that knapping helps me connect with how the first Americans lived and have a better understanding of the stone they valued to survive.  The primary stone used by the native Americans in Northwest Alabama is Fort Payne Chert which encompasses varieties such as Blue/Black, Caramel/Tan, Buffalo River and Horse Creek just to name the major types.  Other subtypes are known as Blueberry and Bangor which are variations on the Classic Blue/Black.  There is also a Quartzite material which is similar to materials found in Arkansas.  Fort Payne material covers a vast variety of great knapping materials.

The first Americans came here looking for better climates, more game, easier living just like we still do today.   They found what they were seeking when they came up the waterways from the Gulf of Mexico and the Mobile Delta, up the Tombigbee and Sipsey until they came to the state divide and looked over into the valley now known as the Tennessee Valley.  Here they lived and prospered.

They found weapons grade flint, game in abundance, a relatively mild climate, many streams and hollows to explore and areas that would make it easy to corner and kill game.  15,000 years later we have the evidence of their lives to examine.  Their flint quarries and the hills and hollows where they lived and hunted and of course their wonderful relics by which they survived and populated a new world.

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